23 years with Eurasier 1995 - 2018


Trondheim Int 1/7-2018
Leiionspitz Great Talea ~ CAC CACIB BOB
Norwegian champion!


Tvååker Nordic 6/7-2018
Leiionspitz Great Talea ~ Nordic-CAC BOB
Leiionspitz Nugget of Mondi ~ Best puppy

  Leiionspitz Unic
2006-05-21 - 2018-07-03

A beautiful dog, both on the outside and inside has left us!
Even though he has lived with Marita's brothers daughter Elenor with her family for a few years back, it's a dog that is close to us. Those who know us know that he has been a highly beloved dog, which meant a lot to us. He loved the puppies and the puppies loved him. He always took on the role of the safe uncle who loved the puppies, followed them out and made sure that they were safe around them.
He was so confident in himself and other male dogs looked up at him.

He was such a dog that you only get one of, in his life.
As Elenor said, he has really shown me what dog love is!


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