About the Eurasier

The eurasier is one of our youngest breed. It was bred in the sixties through the initiative of Julius Wipfel. The ambition was to create a mediumsizes, beautiful european spitzdog with attractive colouring an a certain mentality. This was achieved by crossbreeding chow-chow males with largesized wolfspitzbitches. "Wolf-chow" was the name given to that offspring and it was crossbred with a samojedmale, and with that the crossbreeding stopped.

The eurasier is a harmoniously built mediumsized dog of spitzkind with standing ears. It appears in various colours and has a furlength where you're supposed to
be able to sense the contours of the body. Mediumsized bonestructure.

A confident calm dog, alert and attentive without being barky. Strong seems of tightness to its family. Can appear somewhat reserved against strangers, this means that it can seem a bit uninterested in a stranger and will not immediately take contact. It mustn't be nervous, aggressive or extremely suspicious. It has proven to be an ideal familydog due to it's calm way, and fits straight in to any "everyday" situation and are in must cases a suitable first dog. One shouldn't be too soft a person but firm and kind.

A eurasier hasn't got any great demands on its owner but a normal familylife with a normal amount of exercise is quite sufficient for the eurasier. If you're an active family the dog will gladly tag along and if you're a more peaceful family the dog will be content with that. The most important thing for the eurasier is to feel that it is a participant and has close contact with its family. If it feels this the dog will be satisfied.
Works very well with children. Hunting instincts is not wanted with the breed.

The German Wolfspitz, the Chow-chow and the samojed - this breeds ancestors - has in the Eurasier come together as a very charmful and harmonic unity.

Country of origin: Germany
Approved in 1973 by the F.C.I
The first Eurasier came to Sweden as late as 1994

Height and weight
Male 52-60 cm and 23.32 kgs
Female 48-56 cm and 18-26 kgs